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Tesla Mobile Service – Part 1

tesla mobile service

I recently had another instance of the dreaded exclamation mark pop up on the dash of my Tesla Model S.

In a previous post I laid out my used Tesla buying experience, which was far from idea, but much better than some folks experiences have been.

My initial response was disbelief, since I had just had it in the shop last month for warranty work. So having something else come up as needing service so soon after was rather frustrating.

The 12v battery is used for normal internal electronics, such as the interior lights, window motors, etc. so while it’s an important component, it wasn’t exactly an impending disaster. I even thought about figuring out what battery to buy and swapping it myself, but I don’t really have a place to work on the car anymore and it’s apparently a bit involved. You have to remove the frunk cowling and potentially even remove a wheel according to some internet posts I’ve read.

Since it wasn’t an emergency, I let it go for a few days and happened to get a recall letter via snail mail about the now infamous 37 million vehicle Takata airbag recall. My car is affected, so that’s another reason to bring it in. Fine, I’ll schedule the damned service appointment!

As mentioned before, my nearest Tesla service center is some 60 miles away in Boston, which is no fun to get to for me, so I first sent a message to Support asking if these were able to be done by the mobile crew or not.

I waited a few days and hadn’t heard anything back, and my power lift-gate started not working as quickly as it normally does, so I decided to just schedule the service and make arrangements to drive down ASAP.

After making the appointment for early April and hoping my 12v battery would last that long I got a text from Tesla that they could, indeed take care of my issues at my home or work.

To be honest, I didn’t even know for sure that the Mobile Service Unit would come up over the border or not, so it was a welcome surprise. I’ve since found that they vow 100% mobile service coverage in every market. I’m still waiting to finalize the scheduling, but it’s a very welcome step in the right direction.

It still doesn’t explain why it took 8 days before I got an email back about my original inquiry, which essentially said, “We see you scheduled an appointment, we’ll go ahead and close this ticket.”


As I’ve said before, I fully understand that even at this stage in Tesla’s existence, I’m still an early adopter. I knew and/or assumed that there would be bumps along the way. It was my choice to bite the bullet. I don’t regret it, because I a) freaking love my car and b) believe electrified vehicles are actually incredibly important.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – with the results of the mobile appointment!

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